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Aftab Soap Factory (pvt) Ltd, founded in 1952,is largest manufacturer of laundry soaps and detergents.

It’s aim is to match consumer’s taste in every era, compete nationally and internationally with innovative production methods and concepts and sustain its trust upon its believers.
Our resources and relationships include a wide variety of industry professionals which allows us to create and execute new concepts and formulas.We are working under a competent management hierarchy,transparent and computerized system,ISO approved structure, with highly updated technology and equipments and naked eye on each level of system.

Our company,deals in manufacturing of a vast range of laundry soaps,detergents,toilet soaps,multi-purpose soaps,glycerine,dish wash soap bar and liquid,detergent powders and other industrial purpose chemicals.Moreover, we feel so proud to say that we are pioneer of introducing fruity and floral articles in laundry soap’s world.

Key Competences:

1. Strong service orientation in all areas of processing
2. International and regional manufacturer brands
3. facility for third party’s production with their own label
4. Many years of experience in the private label business
5. Flexible production volumes
6. Quality standards for product and process quality
7. High storage capacities
8. Logistics competence for all demands
9. IT-controlled efficiency in all processes
10. Hold on national and international markets. 


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